Sofia is a modern city with a thousand year history, situated in the foothills of a beautiful mountain. Here, you can see ancient churches, impressive cathedrals, lots of museums with rich collections and world-famous exhibits, impressive historical and cultural monuments. Wide green parks offer a place for rest in the heart of the city. There is also a large zoo. 


The capital offers attractive options to shop in modern malls and trade centers, as well as picturesque little shops. Multiple cinemas and theatres offer you both entertainment and food for thought and in the night scene, the party doesn’t stop until the morning. 

For the fans of winter sports and cycling, Vitosha national park is a preferred destination. 


Business hotel “Geneva” is located in Sofia, close to the administrative and cultural center of the capital in the foothills of “Vitosha” national park. This makes it an equally good choice for business trips, vacations, cultural tourism or just fun. 


Sofia has numerous temples. You can visit a service or visit them as cultural monuments.


If you have a little free time, you can dedicate it to the rich museum exhibitions and galleries in Sofia.


Malls, modern trade centers, big brand shops, little shops with handmade souvenirs - Sofia offers a lot of options for shopping


“Vitosha” national park is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria and Hotel „Geneva“ is located in its foothills.